When They Came Around

Attended by punky 11-year-olds, apathetic 15-year-olds and grungy 17-year-old guys, a Green Day concert wouldn’t quite be complete without a requisite mix of the young and the old. Even a lot of the kids’ parents, attired in Hawaiian print shirts and hippy-esque tie dye enjoyed the concert, although Billy Joe Armstrong and his army could never live up to Bon Jovi, Woodstock, 1984, 1969 and bad LSD trips. Nonetheless, Friday night saw a mixture of all types-including the very fashionably clothed Serena and Venus Williams-rocking out to a lot of Dookie, a little bit of Nimrod, some new American Idiot and an awesome assortment of covers.

As the first stop on the North American leg of the band’s American Idiot Tour, the Convocation Center was treated to a wonderful performance, complete with several rounds of obligatory pyrotechnics by the thirtysomething rockers, guitarist Armstrong, drummer Tr