Watch out, facebook

Type in Now figure out how to get past the page of floating red bubbles and twisting white letters: Welcome to the newest all-inclusive website geared for students. Combining elements from thefacebook, my space, blogging, gaming, and even video conferencing, the website is completely time-consuming, especially at a first-go.

Essentially a social-networking site for college students that combines elements from many popular sites, Iprocrastinate seems to be the start of a new type of entertainment. Started by Miami Merchants, students at UM and the creators of another endeavor, College Junktion, Iprocrastinate is the brain-child of President and CEO Jason Baptiste.

To start, registering as a user for requires an “edu” extension website; the upside is that colleges aren’t limited, the website has immediate access for all students in all colleges. In addition, the site is free for all users and, up and running for less than a week, the site already hosts more than 25,000 users with an expectant 100,000 by Friday.

Teeming with features, students can spend hours perusing different functions. Using video conferencing, students can see who they are talking to and for that matter hear actual voices, adding to the idea of being able to do work and still talk on the phone, if one is that multi-talented. In addition,, which feeds off of Iprocrastinate, offers free eBay for anyone with an “edu” address, allowing students to sell stuff, and practically their lives, hassle-free.

As an expanding, developing site, has already undergone two facelifts and more user-friendly, visually appealing, changes. Rumor has it that Wednesday is the big day for the “real” new look.

One of a kind and definitely a wave of competition for other websites such as my space, blogs, and what seems to be a still slowly dying fascination of, Iprocrastinate is raising the standard. Even Mark Zuckerburg, creator of, seems to have taken enough interest to be listed as a “friend” on Iprocrastinate. Generally receiving wide recognition by press outlets, most recently by MTV News, the behind-scenes founders of Iprocrastinate seem to be doing their PR and research very well.

For now, keep in the favorites list and check for constant face-lifts, additions and expansions. Signed with a new warehouse, there’s even a chance to win prizes, giveaways and for this week, an iPod shuffle.

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