Faith Evans gets Five Stars

Faith Evans pulls together Motown sounds with 70s flare in her new CD The First Lady. She lays down the facts about her rehab days in “Again,” the first single from the CD. You won’t be disappointed with this well-produced album, which is Evans’ first album on Columbia since leaving Bad Boy Records.

Many know her as the widow of Biggie, but lets recognize-this woman has voice, a look and some personal power to overcome the battling years with death and drugs she has seen. The opening track, “Goin’ Out,” produced by the highly successful Neptunes, showcases their ability to create a track that’s moving, catchy and overall really good.

Watch out for the funk on “Mesmorized,” you’ll be grooving to the soulful sounds after you turn off the CD-a little Aretha maybe? This track pulls together old soul, a little gospel inspiration and the possibility for a strong live performance. The radio is constantly playing “Hope,” which features Twista. There’s a reason for it-the song is worth it. Evans closes her album with this popular single, pulling together the strong ballads, funk and R&B tracks that fill The First Lady album. This album gets a five out of five-star review. That’s right, all the stars. You can pop this CD in you car, roll down the windows, head to the beach to tan, club or simply to drive so you can to listen to Evans sooth your ears with her soulful voice. Get this CD.

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