Elsewhere – Profs across country protest new textbook editions

(U-WIRE) LA JOLLA, Calif.- Seven hundred math and physics professors from 150 universities nationwide have called on Thompson Learning to take steps to reduce the costs of textbooks for college students, the California Public Interest Research Group has announced.

As a result of the Affordable Textbook Campaign launched last year, 180 physics professors and more than 500 mathematics professors signed two letters to the CEO of the textbook publisher, Ronald Schlosser, stating that many of the company’s policies unfairly increase the price of textbooks for American students.

Specifically, the professors called on Thompson Learning to decrease the frequency of its updates for two books, Serway’s “Physics for Scientists and Engineers” (Sixth Edition) and Stewart’s “Calculus: Early Transcendentals” (Fifth Edition).

“Congress is doing an investigation right now,” Hsu stated in an email. “We are doing our own research that will come out next September. In the meantime, we are still discussing this issue with academic senates across the UC system and trying to convince them to adopt our resolutions.”