Jay Mohr Drops the mic

Actor, producer, host, writer and stand-up comic, Jay Mohr is professionally experienced in the world of entertainment. Just as funny as when you saw him on Saturday Night Live or watched him host the now defunct Last Comic Standing, Mohr is unfortunately retiring from stand-up comedy.

“I retired from stand-up comedy because you lose the passion for it,” Mohr says. “I have always told myself that I would never want to do it for the money, but because it was fun.”

Although Mohr is stepping off the stage, he is now focusing on his acting career, the part of his career that he enjoys the most. “You get to play make believe. It’s like getting to be a child [when you act],” he says. Having roles in films such as Jerry Maguire, Picture Perfect and Pluto Nash, among others, Mohr has established himself in the world of the big screen with some hefty roles.

“I really enjoyed playing the role in Playing By Heart, which was a young man dying of AIDS with his mother played by Ellen Burstyn. As a comedian you don’t get the chance to play such grave roles.” Leaving his natural comedic impulse behind, Mohr says that Burstyn was one of the best co-stars he’s had. “She took me to a place I didn’t know. I was dumbfounded by the level that she was on; she made me so much better [as an actor].”

Whether it’s Mohr’s roles or his pure talent, he continually adds to his already stellar r