Food Network adds some fresh appeal

Dave Lieberman, the new face of the Food Network, is the professor that everyone wishes they could have. Part of a new series, Good Deal with Dave Lieberman, Lieberman teaches viewers how to eat and entertain on the budget of what could be a “struggling college student.”

Lieberman keeps things interesting by keeping the show steadily paced, explaining the steps for the various meals quickly but with enough time to allow viewers to follow. The dishes are complemented by easy explanations and directions for cooking; Lieberman’s show is obviously intended for a younger crowd.

His debut show educates food enthusiasts on how to plan a dinner party with a continually expanding guest list. His solution is the perfect buffet dinner, comprised of several dishes such as cannellinni bean and arugula salad, cauliflower with a breadcrumb topping, apricot glazed chicken and pudding tart with graham cracker crust. Explained step-by-step, the recipes for Lieberman’s dishes can be easily noted, a plus for viewers who may spend hours at the office or in a classroom.

In addition to teaching viewers how to cook, Lieberman goes the extra step and gives added tips about basic entertaining. While some of the masses may know how to set up a buffet table or create the perfect atmosphere for a cocktail party, many do not, a problem that Lieberman easily fixes.

Shot in what seems to be a real setting and not one set up in the studio, the show has a real world feel and exudes comfort. Not only is the show entertaining to watch, it’s informative and helpful. For viewers, Lieberman seems to be the perfect instructor to becoming an excellent chef and host.

Having his start on Campus Cuisine- a cooking show at Yale University-Lieberman certainly has the background to appeal to a younger crowd that are not typical Food Network viewers. Airing Saturday at 1:30 p.m., Good Deal with Dave Lieberman will begin its first season. Tune in for your own personal cooking class. Soon you could be eating gourmet meals on a tight budget in your own kitchen.

Lieberman has also recently published Young and Hungry: More than 100 Recipes for Cooking Fresh and Affordable for Everyone (Hyperion Books). The book is available at most bookstores.

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