More Celebrity Game Shows

Celeb couple Hillary Swank and Chad Lowe have given birth, this time to a new television show. The new show, titled Celebrity Charades, features two teams of 10 celebrities competing against each other in movie-themed charades. Each star plays for his or her charity of choosing. The new show is to air on ABC Networks.

“iPod One”

As if there wasn’t enough to discuss about George Bush, a recent aide has now leaked the playlist off of his 15GB iPod. The 250 songs that hold residence in the “iPod One” are mostly country, although artists such as Joni Mitchell and Van Morrison add a little spice. Question is, did he get his tracks legally?

Never would have thought!

In addition to the practical cult-like following of indie movie Napoleon Dynamite, the state of Idaho has recently passed a resolution praising the movie and “what it stands for.” The resolution notes such things as the relationship between Pedro and Napoleon, self-sufficiency and Kip’s tribute to our technology driven society.