Elsewhere – Video game major at Columbia College gets OK

(U-WIRE) CHICAGO-The long-planned and debated video game major was unanimously approved at the April 8 Columbia College council meeting.

During the meeting, Doreen Bartoni, dean of the School of Media Arts, along with Associate Dean Debra Schneiger, discussed the process that went into getting this major off the ground.

Bartoni said the Columbia 2010 plan was a deciding factor in her push to bring the major to Columbia. Other council members agreed that the major is proof that the college is becoming more innovative.

“I very much support this proposal,” said Keith Kostecka, president of the Organized Faculty of Columbia College. “We are at the cusp.”

The Chicago Tribune, as well as other national and international media, cited the college as one of many schools to work gaming into their curricula. The increased interest in college gaming programs could be the result of a thriving video game industry, which generated more than $7 billion in revenue last year.