Coach’s Corner

Every week, baseball Head Coach Jim Morris will answer questions from readers. Send any questions you might have to

After two dominating wins on Friday and Saturday, were you surprised at how close Sunday’s game was?

Not really. They flip-flopped their pitching rotation and threw their best pitcher Sunday, so I knew it would be a tough game.

Did this weekend’s series answer any questions you had about the starting rotation?

That’s a continuing process and you don’t know the answer until the end of the season. By then you just go with who’s hot.

Was it annoying at all to have to play at two different sites this weekend?

No. It was great. I enjoyed playing at Virginia Tech’s field and they had a nice facility. Playing at the pro stadium was a great experience for our players and I think they really enjoyed it.

Could you talk about the test that awaits you traveling to UNC to take on the Tar Heels?

It’s going to be a tremendous challenge and we are going up against probably the best pitching staff in the country.

Brendan Katin had another huge series against Va. Tech. He seems to have come a long way in two years here. Can you talk about his progress since he’s been here?

Brendan has a ton of potential, unlimited potential. There’s no telling how far he can go. I think he has the potential to play in the Major Leagues if everything falls into place. I was very happy for him this past weekend with the way he played. He played great.