Find happiness even without Mr. Right


    As another great year comes to a close, I couldn’t wish for anything more. Well, maybe one thing. A boyfriend! I thought my problems would have lessened after I moved to Miami, but meeting quality guys is harder that you think. V,I’ve tried it all: the clubs, the house parties, the “friends of friends”-but nothing! Is finding an intelligent, funny, active and cute guy asking too much? I just don’t know why I haven’t met Mr. Right. Not to sound conceited or anything, but all those qualities I just asked about-I’ve got ’em! So please, V, help me out!

    Dear Reader,

    I have spent more time dwelling on this than you can imagine. Everybody wants someone to love and everyone wants to feel loved, especially in a society that promotes coupledom as the status quo. It’s difficult to see your friends swing in and out relationships, while you have yet to see any swing your way. One can only wait patiently for so long, especially if you and 300 close friends can’t seem to find a single thing wrong with you!

    The Miami area sees little value in a “long term” anything. It’s no surprise that your friends at different schools ask you about the parties and the nightlife here because Miami is glamorized as the land of the beautiful, hard-partying youth. The stereotype toys with Miami boys because they not only feel compelled to live up to it but also to associate with anything that identifies with it. Anybody with an ounce of sense knows that living solely for the stereotype only results in disappointment, but if you ignore this image, you’re relegated to the land of the unpopular and weird. People are looking to ride the wave of the next hot thing or person. The importance of quality over quantity is negligible.

    College guys are notorious for not wanting to settle too quickly or be tied down. It’s not that they have commitment issues, it’s that tomorrow’s weather might be hotter than today’s. Many people have this mentality, especially when enveloped in a “throwaway” culture that doesn’t care much for permanence.

    Pitying yourself because you don’t have a boyfriend only robs you of the happiness you gain from the non-romantic areas of your life. You might be ecstatic about doing well on a test but depressed over your lack of a boyfriend. Why do you want to torture yourself, especially when you know that you have so much to offer? Take this precious time for yourself, since you can afford to be