Coach’s Corner

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How disappointing was it to only come away with a split against ORU after winning the first two games?

It was very disappointing. We didn’t play as well as I feel we could have played.

Chris Perez looked very sharp on Friday. Do you see his role changing as we head down the stretch? Might he

work his way back into the rotation?

He could possibly work his way back into the rotation or become our closer. As long as he keeps pitching the way he has, we will find a spot for him to pitch in.

The team is dealing with various injuries. How has that affected the depth that UM baseball prides itself in?

It has definitely affected our team. We lost some players to the draft last year and before this season started. It especially affected us this last weekend when we didn’t have our 3-4-5-6 hitters. Anytime that happens, you’re going to be affected offensively and defensively.

With two ACC road series coming up, what changes in the team’s preparation have been made, since back-to-back road series are uncommon for your team?

The first thing is to pack long underwear. It’s supposed to be cold in Virginia. We have to really worry about ourselves first and go play well.

Did any of the players and/or coaches try to play an April Fool’s Day joke on you?

The marketing department, led by PA announcer Jay Rokeach, tried to give my car away for an auction. They didn’t fool me for a second. Some people, players and fans, couldn’t believe that I would put my car up for auction. But I didn’t go for it. They had a couple of them fooled, though.