CD REVIEW – N2U Issues

N2U is the latest buzz in the R&B music scene. The group, made up of Chris Buck, 25, Mark Richard, 21, Don Lee Samuels, 20, and Antonio Avant, 25.

The first single on the album is “Baby Mama Love,” which features Jermaine Dupri, is reminiscent of the music of R&B singer Dave Hollister. This song is about taking car of your son although you are no longer with your baby mama. It is also about a girl who is always there for you. The second single, “Issues,” is slower than the first. It is about admitting that your relationship has problems and choosing to work those problems out. “Beauty” is a song about inner beauty: “without honesty or loyalty, you can only be a common enemy.” “Breaking the Law” is a sensual song about love-making. “Coming from the Heart” is one of my personal favorites. The lyrics are very poetic: “You’re the color in the picture” and “You’re my sunlight in early dawn.”

N2U’s debut album is in stores now. Most of the songs are written by Kenny Whitehead (Marques Houston) and The Underdogs (Toni Braxton and Michael Jackson). This group is fresh, its songs are motivating, and its stories are meaningful.

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