Socially fashionable at Funkshion

For anyone who likes to keep up with the local fashion scene, Funkshion, Miami’s very own fashion week that occurs in the fall and spring, is the event to attend. Original, creative and used as a platform for emerging and established designers, Funkshion has evolved into a successful event that hasn’t failed to establish Miami as hotspot for fashion.

Coinciding with Winter Music Conference, M3 and other Miami events, Funkshion didn’t fall short, even with so many competitive heavyweights. Capturing the attention of talent, celebrities and local Miami fashion lovers, this year’s Funkshion was unlike any other showcase of runway shows, held specifically in a pod on the beach-yes, the actual beach. Combined with the free samples of Caron, Phyto and usual sponsor Perrier, fashion mavens, models and press were buzzing before the doors even gave access to the all white runway showroom.

As fashion goes, one season ahead of the current, the varied array of showcased designers debuted their fall collections. Presenting designers from almost every fashion style, the four-day event provided at least one statement for every flavor, specifically night three which featured a mix of emerging and established designers.

Rebecca Minkoff, whose designs are fun and flirty yet fantastically classy, personally presented her fall collection which included classic pantsuits, sleek dresses and unique and stylish jackets.

Emerging designer Indashio presented his collection entitled “Rags to Riches,” using tracks by Jay-Z like “It’s A Hard Knock Life” and Gwen Stefani’s “Rich Girl.” The choice of music not only reflected the creations on the runway, they also demonstrated the fusion of music and fashion that Funkshion has boasted about since the very first show in 2002.

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