On greed, hypocrisy in the Schiavo case

If there’s one good thing that’s come out of the Terri Schiavo mess, it’s the opportunity to direct scathing words at two spiteful groups in one column-sweet! Here goes…

First of all, the media-Schiavo-gate has once again reminded me why I stopped watching cable news.The media has leapt on Terri Schiavo like a starving wolf on a lone sheep, at the expense of more pressing issues (for instance, the second anniversary of the start of the Iraq War came and went with barely a mention). Every hour of every day, it’s the same goddamn images of protestors, politicians and of course the poor woman caught in the middle of it all (and then of course, there’s the same goddamned pundits spouting the same goddamned drivel. I could go off on them, but unfortunately, I’m not allowed to take up the entire opinion section. So pundits, consider yourselves lucky-you’ve been spared…for now). Watching day-by-day news coverage of Terri Schiavo feels very much like Bill Murray did in Groundhog Day (minus the comedy). I want some real news, Ted (I won’t even bother asking Rupert-I’ve given up on his station’s ability to provide me with real news long, long ago). Well, at least people aren’t even paying attention to Michael Jackson for now…my faith in humanity may as of yet be renewed.

Second of all, there’s the politicians. Just when I thought the incompetent sleazebags on Capitol Hill couldn’t stoop any lower, I see Tom DeLay throwing out some very loaded statements, pushing a bill that’s a slap in the face to the checks-and-balances system engraved in stone (well, metaphorically speaking) in our Constitution, and circulating memos among Republicans in Congress, showing intent to seek political gain from a family’s personal tragedy (and I quote: “the pro-life base will be excited…”). And then it turns out DeLay pulled the plug on his own father back in 1988! Of course, DeLay has been putting on damage control, claiming a feeding tube is different from the ventilator he yanked his father from. Well, Tom, I have some things to say to you: Under Florida Law, a feeding tube is considered life support-putting it in the same category as the ventilator you pulled your dad from. Stop beating around the bush (I swear, no pun intended)-you’re guilty of committing the same “act of barbarism” that you accuse Michael Schiavo and the courts of doing. Tom, your attempt (as well as the Bushies’) to politicize this case is absolutely despicable at best, but such savage hypocrisy in the name of political gain would most likely land you in the same hell you and your cronies claim to believe in.

And as for the protestors…the Schindlers themselves told you to go home…maybe you should listen to them.

Jay Rooney can be contacted at j.rooney@umiami.edu.