A letter to Coach Labati

Coach Labati, don’t worry about getting “stabbed” in the back. I got it more than 50 years ago at UM as a G.F. student. I worked for 40 cents an hour as “student help” in the cleaning and maintenance department. Not a pleasant job. They “curved” me into a low average and no diploma. So I served in another war and became a disabled veteran. The lack of a diploma never stopped me, and I fight Waldenstrom’s macrobulemenia, a rare incurable blood cancer. More recently UM officials have ventured that my activity doesn’t equate with UM’s profile. Try cleaning toilets, classrooms and offices and moving heavy furniture. Prominently known as Hurricane Hank, I can only say someone will sign you quick.

Henry La. Lenkiewicz

U.S. Army Retired Combat Medic

Disabled Vet, WWII, Korea

Attended UM, 1974-1950