Reality off the courts

Whether on or off the courts, tennis stars Venus and Serena get a lot of attention, and with their new six-episode reality show airing on ABC Family in July, they will be receiving even more. The show will focus on life outside of tennis, showing Venus and Serena with their friends and family. How cute.

Trying so hard to be pc

IMAX has recently rejected a film for viewing in several Southern states about volcanoes because the company is afraid that its references to evolution will offend some of the religious IMAX viewers. Hello? They paid to watch it!


Foghat’s guitarist Rod Price died Tuesday at 57 after falling down his stairs. Yikes.

Attorney Johnnie Cochran, known for defending O.J. Simpson, died Tuesday of an inoperable brain tumor. He was 67.


So a year after checking into rehab Whitney Houston has submitted to drugs and again returned to rehab. It’s hard to get drug-free, but when you have all those people working for you, can’t someone help?