The Kills are solid but are no wow

Dramatic and strong from the first note, The Kills have a consistent sound that flows through their whole album, the beats varying only slightly from track to track. However, the lack of extremely noticeable change works for this odd duo of an American girl and a London boy.

The album, titled No Wow, starts with the title track, taking listeners on a journey full of angst, drama and sultry crooning. The voice that drifts out through the speakers is edgy and raw, adding a soulful and passionate feel. Completely indie rock, the tracks evoke the scene of a small smoky bar with groupies and hipsters.

Their second album, No Wow, has 12 tracks and is perfect as a background track for students who are trying to study or are in deep philosophical conversations over Starbucks. The simple guitar rifts and drum beats are easy to listen to.

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