RDF Media, a television production company out of L.A., will be in the Miami area from Friday, March 11 to Friday, March 15, casting for a new reality show to air on the WB. Casting directors are looking for young adults (18+) that are the children of famous celebrities, moguls, extremely wealthy families or “brand-name” families such as the lovely Paris Hilton. Seemingly a spin-off of The Simple Life (again with Paris) those interested should contact casting director Michael Goldberg at michael.goldberg@rdfusa.com.

Fat Actress

Is anyone else tired of hearing about how fat actress Kirstie Alley really is? Well, EDGE is. Either way, the business of having a show being all about an actress losing weight seems a little absurd. But hey, might as well make the dough, right?


Finally, the FOX network finally got some sense and decided to cancel The North Shore. Seriously, having a show even try to mimic the esteemed The O.C. is absolutely ridiculous.

No Miamist?

For those of you privileged enough to know about the string of websites that focus on bustling cities around the U.S. and even on the soil of Canada and England, one can’t help but wonder why there isn’t a website dedicated to sunny Miami. For now, check on interesting views of cities such as L.A. (www.laist.com), New York (www.gothamist.com), and the latest addition, Seattle (www.seattlest.com).