Elsewhere – Police charge alleged student sniper with misdemeanor

(U-WIRE) DARMOUTH COLLEGE.-The Hanover, N.H., police formally charged Michael Volodarsky ’08 with misdemeanor reckless conduct last week for a Feb. 7 incident during which Volodarsky allegedly fired a BB-gun shot, striking Michele Nudelman ’05 in the leg.

Officers apprehended Volodarsky at French Hall last week and brought him to the police station for booking, Hanover Police Chief Nicholas Giaccone said.

Volodarsky said in a statement to The Dartmouth that he spent the previous day, Super Bowl Sunday, at Zeta Psi fraternity. After the Super Bowl, he and his friend, a Dartmouth College sophomore, went onto the roof to smoke cigarettes.

At that time, Volodarsky and his friend, identified only as Matt, noticed a BB gun sitting on the sill. They decided to shoot the gun at the garbage dumpster and at a sign by Butterfield Hall, Volodarsky said.

“No one was intentionally aiming at a person,” Volodarsky said.

But Nudelman, who was walking home from Epsilon Kappa Theta sorority when she was hit, said she turned around and shouted, “What the hell?” before running inside and calling Safety and Security.

Volodarsky’s arraignment is scheduled for March 15 at 8 a.m. If he pleads not guilty, he will have a trial sometime in May, local prosecutor Chris O’Connor said.