CD REVIEW – Indie should be so jealous of tegan and sara

Indie pop is a large genre these days but few are the female artists that have true talent. Tegan and Sara, the new indie duo from Sanctuary/Vapor records have the look and the talent.

So Jealous is a 14-track menagerie of deep lyrics, percussion and angst. All of the lyrics on the album are written by the pair, talking about the usual subjects of personality, love, the past and the future. Combing noticeable guitar chords with heavy drum beats, the tracks stand out from each other while still maintaining the harmony of the album.

Staring with “You Wouldn’t Like Me”, pop beats echo as girls swoon, “I won’t say that I will love you forever.” With each song the beats build and the sing-along choruses increase, spellbinding listeners with acoustic guitar rifts.

Track five talks about having a broken heart, asking the question, “Where does the good go…where do you go with your broken heart in tow?” The song revolves around questions that most people have left unanswered after leaving a loved one.

Perfect for a rainy afternoon, background noise while studying or even zipping around town, Tegan and Sara stand out as a top act. Hopefully groupies who have elevated other indie rockers to superstars will catch the bug and bring So Jealous to the top of the charts.

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