Following its two EP releases in 2003, Eisley presents its first full-length album -although Room Noises is just that. A band composed of three sisters, their brother and their best friend, Eisley’s sound is unique-if unique means whiny and dragging.

The album opens with a dragging sound that is repeated throughout. One could say there is an original sound, a sound that mimics The Cardigans and plays off of the whining vocals of Evanescence. The problem is, Evanescence music is ear pleasing, whereas Eisley penetrates your ear with a depressing feel.

The album’s first song, “Memories,” revolves around ideas of farming, which supports the band members’ farm children look in a picture on the album.

“Golly Sandra,” the fourth track on the album, finally picks up, but the hokey-pokey feel is a poor attempt to show another side of the band. You still get the legato lines that are heavy in weight. This album could be played in a dorm room while reading or studying -it’s not going to keep your attention. The music itself changes, but the voices maintain a monotonous feel, particularly in “Plenty of Paper.” The band tries to move “Have Nagilar” along with pep, but the voices maintain their dragging feel by linking the words together vocally.

This is the kind of album one is unlikely to put in a CD player more than once. It’s a good thing the band members clap for themselves at the end of their final song on the album, because they are the only ones.

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