PLAYER PROFILE – Imported Excellence

At the start of the 2005 spring semester, a fresh face appeared on the Hurricanes’ women’s tennis team when Austria native Patricia Starzyk transferred to the University of Miami.

While she still adjusts to moving to an entirely unfamiliar country, her transition into the world of American tennis is seamless. In Austria, Starzyk was the national champion from 1994 to 2000. Her abilities and authority on the court make her a dominant part of Miami’s tennis squad. Since the start of her first season as a ‘Cane, Starzyk has maintained an undefeated singles record at the fourth and fifth singles positions.

Starzyk first became interested in the game of tennis when she watched her father and brother play recreationally. She asked her father to teach her and from the age of 10, Starzyk began consistently working at becoming a serious tennis player. As her skills improved, so did the list of accolades that included a number of women’s open tournaments and International Tennis Federation victories in countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia.

Starzyk first initiated correspondence with the University of Miami’s tennis team in an attempt to come to America and play on a competitive team.

“I knew several girls in Austria that went to universities in the United States. For me, it became a dream to play tennis on a team and get an American degree,” Starzyk said. “I had heard of the reputation Miami’s tennis team had so I contacted them.”

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