Mundo is a full dining experience

World-class chef Norman Van Aken is known for his superb dishes, delectable tastes and full dining experiences. His latest restaurant, Mundo, located in the garden area of the Village of Merrick Park, is exactly that: the perfect spot for dinner out.

A combination marketplace, bistro, fish bar and wine bar, Mundo has something for every diner’s needs. Among the high-end retail stores Mundo stands out with its rich colors, comfy booths and long bar where chefs make fresh bread and music plays above the echoing voices of conversing diners.

Village of Merrick Park
4251 Salzedo St.
Coral Gables, FL
(305) 422-6787

Dimly lit without needing a candle to be able to read it, the extensive menu offers an array of choices, engulfing diners in the richness of the reason you go out to eat-good food. Aside from the food on the table, those that would like to get a behind the scenes view can even see food being prepared in the kitchen on a giant plasma TV.

Reasonably priced and well worth the phone call for a recommended reservation, Mundo serves up delicious tapas, wood-oven pizzas, pastas with incredible, atypical sauces and desserts oozing with whipped cream and innovative presentation.

Above all, if diners can’t stop to enjoy the atmosphere while feasting, there’s always the Mercado, where almost everything on the menu is available to take home.

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