Coach’s Corner

Could you talk about what the two seniors, Will Frisby and Brandon Okpalobi, have meant to the team this season?

They have given us leadership. Frisby in particular has given us scoring and rebounding. I am glad he has been able to play a full season for the first time in his career. Brandon has been a solid contributor the whole season and both will be missed.

Is Guillermo Diaz a first-team All-ACC guard? What separates him from the other great guards in the conference?

I think he is. Just look at his numbers alone and what our team has done this year. You can see the importance that Guillermo has had for our team. It will be very difficult for him to get first team because most of the writers are from the North Carolina area.

As it stands right now, does your team have enough of a resume to get into the NCAA Tournament, or do they have to make a deep run in the ACC Tournament?

I think our r