Greek Week competition gives back

Greek Week is upon us once again. Made up of events taking place over the course of this week, Greek Week is the one occasion of the year in which different Greek organizations join together in support of the same worthy cause. The proceeds from this year’s events will benefit the United Cerebral Palsy Foundation [UCP].

“There is no specific monetary goal,” said Katie Moro, co-chair of the Greek Week council and member of Kappa Kappa Gamma. “But of course we want to top last year’s total of $10,000.”

Donations are collected through a wide-range of activities. One activity planned for Wednesday afternoon is titled “Jail-n-Bail,” and allows for students to “bail” faculty members and administrators-with flexible lunch-breaks-out of a voluntary jail located at the Rock. All collected bail money will go towards UCP. Another event is Greek Night at Wall’s Ice Cream, where from 5 to 8 p.m. on Thursday night the profits from all purchased ice cream will benefit UCP.

In addition to raising money, Greek organizations are competing for the coveted Greek Week Cup. The respective fraternity and sorority that gets the most points-earned through raising money and by winning competitions such as the Organized Cheer and the potato-sack race on Greek Week Olympic day-will receive the hallowed cup that is passed down from winner to winner every year.

“We’re trying to downplay the competition this year,” Kara Miller, coordinator of Greek Affairs, said.

Chad Carmichael, Greek Week co-chair and member of Lambda Chi Alpha, agreed.

He said the biggest goal for Greek Week’s participants is raising money for UCP.

“On the whole, it’s all for the cause,” Carmichael said. “I truly believe that.”

Robyn Antonelli, sophomore and member of Delta Gamma, expressed very different goals for her sorority during Greek Week.

“We’re desperately trying to beat the self-proclaimed D Phi E Nation,” Antonelli said.

Delta Phi Epsilon refers to itself as a “nation” because it has cultivated somewhat of a Greek Week dynasty, taking home the cup in each of the last three years.

One fraternity acknowledged its annual apathy and withdrew itself from the competition entirely this year.

“We’ve done [Greek Week] the last couple years,” Nick Leydan, president of Sigma Chi, said. “It ends up being a waste of time because of an inability for us to get the participation we need to compete.”

The vast majority of Greek organizations participate in Greek Week, though their motivations and goals certainly vary. Reduced to its most essential components, Greek Week is a fun-filled extravaganza in the traditionally Greek spirit of philanthropy.

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