NAACP honors Prince

The NAACP honored Prince (the artist formerly known as) with its latest 2005 Vanguard Award. The Vanguard Award honors artists that have worked to increase awareness about racial and social issues. Prince joins other award winners such as Steven Spielberg and producer Stanley Kramer.


After having a religious enlightenment Brian “Head” Welch, the guitarist for Korn, has officially left the band. The guitarist says that he has finally come to a place in his life where there is “happiness after anger.” There is no word yet on who will replace Welch.

Poor Paris and all her celeb friends…

So Paris has once again been exposed, only this time there was no light-green glow. An apparent hacker exposed all of the phone numbers and email addresses in Paris’ phone book. US Weekly reported that gal pal Lindsay Lohan said she was being bombarded with emails because of the incident.