Elsewhere – Hamilton College, Princeton let it all hang out in unusual rivalry

(U-WIRE) PHILADELPHIA – The competition is fierce, and the players are determined. They’re also naked.

Though Hamilton College and Princeton University rarely face each other on the basketball court, a new rivalry is brewing between the two schools in the form of “varsity” streaking.

The two streaking teams display their skills — and bodies — in public locations such as dining halls, athletic fields and even large lecture halls.

Members of Princeton’s streaking team decided to form the group after learning of Hamilton College’s new form of recreation.

But at Hamilton, members still claim their team is “the single greatest varsity streaking team in America and possibly the world,” senior Craig Moores said.

Members emphasized that streaking is purely about streaking and not about making a statement or being sexual in any way.

“There’s no endorsements, there’s nothing political about it, or social even,” Sean Tice, a Hamilton junior, said. “All we really yell is, ‘Naked time is special time.’ It’s a special time because most people keep their naked bodies to themselves.”