Cuban art at its most vibrant

Cernuda Arte, the white and blue gallery dedicated to Cuban artworks, has again brought a breathtaking and vibrant exhibit to its walls. Located in the heart of Coral Gables off Ponce de Leon Boulevard, Cernuda Arte has brought one of the most exquisite group exhibitions of Cuban works to the area.

The latest edition of the exhibit is titled Important Cuban Artworks, Volume Three; it’s the third installment of the series. The eighty-five works in the display show works from Colonial, Academic, Vanguard, Modern and Contemporary artists. Showcasing paintings from each style and time period, the exhibit gives any art enthusiast a sense of history as the paintings are viewed, showing the development and variated styles of Cuban art.

Despite the wide range, the subjects in each painting the brilliant and vivid colors provide a sense of cohesiveness for the whole collection. In particular, Valentin Sanz Carta focuses on nature in his paintings, using a variation of greens and yellows to provide depth to each work. In contrast, Federico Sulroca in his painting “Desnudo”-which means nude in Spanish-uses deep reds to contrast the pale nude woman that serves as the focal point for one of his works.

Varying from the traditional oil on canvas, artist Cundo Berm