Re: “To the new Rock 93.1: You’re my hero!”, 2/22

Shameful what some will do for a story!

As a UM alum and Miami native I feel it’s my obligation to make sure you understand that there is only one radio station worth listening to in South Florida.

The Voice, WVUM.

For a Hurricane writer to go out on the prowl for other-than-mainstream listening and fail to mention The Voice is incomprehensible.

For years WVUM operated at 365 watts (the old saying was 1 rock-solid watt for every day of the year). It was and still is a collection of oddball volunteer DJs, playing music that you simply wouldn’t hear anywhere else.

Isn’t that what you want from radio-a surprise?

If you want your daily dose of the pre-chewed ’90s, and you’re happy with robots program directors and screaming car lot commercials…that’s cool too. I’ve seen modern rock slide all the way down the dial. When 93 Rock hits the skids Miami’s only rock choice may be The Voice, 90.5 FM! Somewhere between NPR and the Bible thumpers, WVUM is looking forward and has been kicking out real rock with real rock-n-roll DJs for decades. Certainly worth a mention anytime you write about radio.

Don’t get me started,

Dan Hardie


PS: ‘Canes often overlook the great things campus has to offer. WVUM has always got the cold shoulder from the pop-happy masses, but the Lowe Art Museum and Ring Theater, the Beaumont Cinema and the incredible libraries-not to mention the exquisite campus itself deserve more attention & appreciation.

PPS: If I sound like an old fart, it’s because I am. So old in fact that I can refer to the Cosford Cinema as the Beaumont and never miss a beat. That’s old Minkus. Now listen to The Voice and go write an article about that gem, you hippie.