Elsewhere – Administration pulls ‘Love’ posters at Princeton

(U-WIRE) PRINCETON, N.J.-Three days after the Pride Alliance posted 1,000 gay-themed Valentine’s Day fliers across the Princeton University campus, the complaints of a few students prompted Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Students Thomas Dunne to order the posters’ removal from public spaces.

The posters showed same-sex couples kissing under the slogan “Love=Love” and were meant to “raise awareness that LGBT love is one kind of love,” Pride Alliance President Claire Woo said.

Among the students who filed complaints was John Andrews, who noted in an e-mail to Dunne that the lack of attribution on the posters violated school policy.

Although the posters did not print the name of the group that sponsored the campaign, the Pride Alliance took the credit on its Web site and in interviews with The Daily Princetonian.

“I agree this is a close reading of [school policy] but the students filing complaints argued that the posters are anonymous to those who encounter them on campus,” Dunne said in an email. “I obviously would support the posting of these signs if the Pride Alliance submitted a similar poster with attribution.”

Pride Alliance members expressed disappointment with the posters’ removal, but agreed that they should have included attribution. “Rules are rules,” Pride Alliance Publicity Chair Lispeth Nutt said. “I can’t blame [Andrews] for being clever. It’s a technicality, a technicality that he wants to use for another end.”