Re: “My Chemical Romance is very OK, OK?”, 2/15

Congratulations. You discovered that My Chemical Romance is a great band, featured them on your cover and gave them a whole page with a praising text. But why did you miss to mention, that they will play on campus, April 15?

Frieder Bartussek


Editor’s note: My Chemical Romance will be appearing with Green Day on April 15 at the Convocation Center. Tickets go on sale Feb. 26.

Re: “Are we really living in a porn nation?”, 2/15

“I learned through pornography basically that the value of a woman is based on the sum of her body parts, that women wanted to have sex all the time…” -Michael Leahy

First of all, I would be skeptical of most advice given by a man who thinks that pornography (or anything on television or stage) accurately reflects reality.

Second, Margaret Scott was right to criticize Leahy in her column for what the following quote from an audience member on the Porn Nation website implies that he said: “I loved when a question was asked about other ways to cure your addiction other than God; you stated that there really is no other way. I’m glad you kept it on God.”

That’s terrible. What Leahy is really saying is: “I turned to religion and it helped me with my addiction, therefore if you don’t turn to religion, then your addiction can’t be helped.” That’s an obvious, obvious fallacy. How about therapy? Trying to create a culture of “purity” where there’s something intrinsically wrong with porn that makes it dirty isn’t going to help the chances that people who have these porn addictions are going to admit their problem and seek professional help from a real person. It also doesn’t help that sex researchers who conduct studies examining the real effects of porn on behavior are assailed daily by fundamentalists and have to conduct much of their work in secret.

A lot of people abuse alcohol. Does that mean that a glass of wine is evil? Some abnormal people who go around preaching on college campuses for exorbitant sums of money have abused pornography. Does that mean that a few movies on your hard drive makes you a sinner? No. Then again, some pornographic movies are made against the will of the women (or children or animals) in the movies. I would definitely call purchasing those movies wrong. But has my legal porn made me into a person who sees women as nothing but the sum of their body parts, here only to serve me? Absolutely not.


William Hubel