On why Syria scares the hell out of me

On Tuesday, the U.S. pulled its ambassadors to Syria out of the nation and partially severed diplomatic relations in the process. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and other State Department officials made it clear that this action was a proximate result of the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. State Department officials also mentioned that the Syrian military presence in Lebanon is impeding on the freedom of the Lebanese and in direct defiance of UN Resolution 1559. Read between the lines and its clear that, a) the administration has a strong belief that Syria either participated in or had knowledge of the assassination and b) there is going to be a stronger push to enforce the UN Resolution. Neither of these are good news.

This situation should scare the hell out of every single one of us; it is explosive and on a downward spiral. This is the type of situation that could easily be diffused but just as easily could escalate into a call for war. Condoleezza Rice is going to get thrown into the fire with her new job; her first major test is perhaps the most important test she will face in her term over the next four years. Lets all hope she can stop the hemorrhaging, but if it can’t be stopped, we must all be prepared to take and support further serious actions against Syria.


On a lighter note, five Democrats, including sons of a standing member of Congress, were charged with slashing the tires of 25 GOP get out the vote vans on Election Day. They have since hired John Edwards to represent them, who is claiming they were all under the influence of Zoloft at the time. He has subsequently filed a civil lawsuit against Zoloft and three random doctors from his dartboard on behalf of the accused.


The Federal Marriage Amendment was recently re-introduced on the Senate floor by Bill Frist and co.; Leave it alone Billy, Gary demands it. The name of this column is “Right On!” not “Republican On!”-in some instances the two don’t necessarily coincide.


UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has appointed former President Bill Clinton as the UN Tsunami Relief envoy. I personally think it’s a great combination. Bill Clinton will undoubtedly be an incredible resource for the Secretary General, bringing to the table his ability to make huge disastrous scandals go away. Just when I thought they were going to get somewhere with the Oil for Food investigation, Kofi calls in the cavalry. Touch

February 18, 2005


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