Naked Karaoke takes off

It is unlikely we will ever see Pavarotti perform in the buff, so it is fitting that today’s nearly-naked pop songbirds will continue to rely on vocal backing tracks. You have vocalists, you have nudists, but seldom do you find individuals who distinguish themselves at both. In fact, if Americans were surveyed I’m sure public nudity and singing in front of a crowd would top the list of “Most Humbling Experiences”, one and two respectively.

Though public nudity remains taboo, karaoke has been embraced across the nation. What makes karaoke such an intriguing phenomenon is, despite the inherently self-deprecating nature of the task, participants line up in droves to observe and be observed. Recently, a bar owner in the state of Connecticut upped the stakes on moxy and stirred up small town complacency in the process. Is the world ready for “Naked Karaoke?”

This past Saturday, Feb. 12, was Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. It was on this symbolic day of freedom that the first public exhibition (no pun intended) of naked karaoke took place. The “unveiling” of this hedonistic event was at a bar in Berlin, Conn. The Naked Karaoke phenomenon started on a slow day in September 2003. Marty St. Pierre, owner of The Berlin Station Caf