Arthur Miller, the playwright who is known to have penned Death of a Salesman and The Crucible died Thursday night at age 89.

How dare they…

Red carpet wonder Steven Cojocaru has officially been dropped from NBC. Cojocaru, who recently under went a recent kidney transplant, is scheduled to appear on Oprah, the rumored reason for NBC and Cojocaru’s separation of ways. So sad. At least Cojocaru will not be parting from the red carpet; he will be broadcasted from his house on Oscar night.

Pawn Shop

So we mentioned it before, but the wave has caught on and Pawn Shop has officially become a UM hotspot. Just don’t tire it out, people.

Live Music

Change it up for once! Come watch UM’s own Catapillar Silk and its mix of Funk/Soul/Hip Hop with special guest One Drop and their coined sound of organic fusionistic muzik. Support good local music! Thursday, Feb. 17 @ Flavour, Coconut Grove. Doors at 10, Show at 11. www.myspace.com/catapillarsilk & www.myspace.com/onedrop