The perfect excuse

So, Valentine’s Day is on Monday. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know. It’s a stupid holiday invented by the greeting card companies that turns love into a commodity, with chocolate, flowers and cute little teddy bears with T-shirts that say “Somebody at the University of Miami loves me.” Either that, or it’s the holiday that you look forward to all year long. It means lots of pink, chocolate and presents. Clearly, there are two vastly opposite opinions on this holiday of the heart, with very little room for the middle-of-the-road folk.

For some, the day will be celebrated with a romantic dinner with a significant other followed by being showered with gifts of chocolate, roses and jewelry. For others, the day will be spent hating the world, couples, Godiva, love, an ex, holding hands, Hallmark and pretty much everything else that crosses their path. Instead of being a lover, or a hater, of the holiday, it’s time to look at the holiday for what it really is: the perfect excuse. The day gives you the power or reason to do what (or whom) you’ve been wanting to. One stipulation, though: Don’t be one of those people who break up with their valentine on Valentine’s Day. That’s just wrong. You deserve to be alone for a very, very long time for being such an inconsiderate ass!

There are many possibilities for the single, coupled and everything-in-between to do. Buying a special someone those earrings they’ve been wanting, or hit on that cute guy or girl in class. Sending a little sister flowers, or go out and drink with friends (those over 21, of course). Take this day as an opportunity to show the people you care about just how much you care. This means more than just a boyfriend or girlfriend, it means parents, siblings, friends, classmates-anyone who makes your day a little brighter. No matter how anti-Valentine’s Day one may claim to be, we can’t argue that it’s nice to get a little something for Valentine’s Day. It can be something as small as a card, a smile, a kiss or a flower. We all know that it would make us feel so good if somebody thought of us and did something special. For those of you who feel totally hopeless in their prospects for the day, email We’ll do our part at spreading the love.

So come Monday, it doesn’t matter whether you’ll be singing “Love is a wonderful thing” with Michael Bolton or “Love stinks” with The J. Geils band, so long as you use this Valentine’s Day as an excuse to do something nice for that person that you’ve always wanted to show your affection for.