Self-control is the key for a shopaholic

Dear V,

I am feeling overwhelmed! I know that we’re only a month into this semester, but I already feel the burnout coming. I’m always invited to an abundance of school and social events, but then I don’t have time to hang out with my friends or do my homework. I don’t know how to manage it all! Help!

Burned out

Dear Reader,

I feel your pain, but you’ve got to keep going somehow! If anything, the stressful life you lead today will only get more hectic down the road. This is merely practice for the big times! Two words for you: time management. Whoa. Nothing new-V’s not that smart! If you sit down with your schedule and a shiny new agenda, you will have the ability to visualize your week, your day and your life. Organizing your time to a “T” may help unburden your stressed-out self.

Likewise, maybe it’s not such a bad idea to cut down on the amount of activities that you’ve managed to involve yourself in. Learn how to say no to the invitations that you really have little interest in, and remember that you are at school to study-really, your parents pay 30 grand a year for a reason.

If you find yourself getting really stressed out, and the black hole in front of you just gets bigger, I recommend taking a visit to the Counseling Center. Furthermore, The Toppel Career Center on campus offers several “brown bag” time-management seminars, as well as other helpful hints for learning how to keep your life in check.



Dear V,

I’m broke, and I don’t know where any of my money went! I seem to spend money like water, and I constantly find myself in a mall or in a store paying for a purchase with money that I don’t really have. I’m starting to freak out because my parents are getting kind of mad at me, but I can’t seem to stop!


Dear Reader,

Oh my God, textbook example of the college spendthrift. How much do you have in credit card debt? Do you know your credit rating? Have you established a credit rating? Do you have any idea just what the hell I’m talking about?

OK, put the catalogue down and shut off your computer. It’s time for you to start budgeting your money Mr./Ms. Bling (we all know that it’s not real anyway). Go through your closet and determine what you have, what you need, and what you have way freakin’ much of. Take this newly created list and purchase what you need…periodically. Just like Rome, a great wardrobe is not built in a day! Take this list-building activity and apply it to other “necessities” that you find yourself consuming: electronics, jewelry, books, knick-knacks, and food. Yes, you’ve got the hang of it. It’s pretty easy.

Have you ever bothered to ask yourself why you purchase so much junk? Is there some kind of icky relationship in your life that creates a void, or maybe unresolved issues with your own self-image? Maybe if you struggle through figuring out just what makes you tick, you might find yourself saving the dough. In the meantime, destroy all but one credit card-I’m assuming that you have several-put it away for emergencies, and treat it like it’s cash when you actually do have to use it.

Best of luck,


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