British rock-and-roll star Pete Doherty was finally released on Wednesday from a four-day jail period when his record company produced bail. The rock star himself was charged with robbery and blackmail. Tsk tsk.

Did It Again

Contrary to the belief that Mrs. Spears, ahem, Federline, was out of the spotlight for awhile, she has recently re-entered it, this time with some big-time law suits. Britney is suing more than eight international insurance companies for refusing to pay the losses she sustained upon the cancellation of her European tour. Aw, Britney has to live a couple million dollars poorer.


So first there’s MTV, then there’s MTVU and now there’s the revamped MTV2. MTV networks decided to refocus the station and aim for 12 to 24-year-old guys. The new logo, a two-headed dog, aired on a commercial during the Super Bowl.


Gentlemen, be nice to the ladies, as Monday is Valentine’s.

Ladies, be nice to the gentlemen: You can’t expect all of them to come up with a dazzling movie-worthy plan for the evening.