The year of the rooster

Traditionally the “New Year” is celebrated on Jan. 1, but in China, the New Year isn’t until February. This year Chinese New Year is Feb. 9, the year of the rooster, and Chinese New Year is another reason to celebrate.

Historically there are three ways to name the New Year for the Chinese. The first is by animal, or a mascot. There are 12 animals in the Chinese calendar, including the rooster, the ox, the rabbit and the rat. Since every animal represents one year, the cycle is recycled after 12 years.

For the Chinese the second way to name the New Year is its former name. A complicated system, as there are 60 names in it, it too is recycled after the pattern has been used. Along with this year being the year of the rooster, its name is Yiyou.

Finally, the third way to recognize the Chinese New Year is by actual years that are kept by the Chinese calendar; this is year is 4702.

The Chinese New Year is one of the biggest holidays in the Chinese calendar and combined with a 15-day celebration, the Chinese use vivid decorations and wild events to celebrate.

In spirit, check out events around Miami that celebrate the New Year all over again-and don’t forget to wear red.

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