So supposedly Kate Bosworth and Orlando Bloom have called it quits. It’ll only be a few days now until all the rest of Hollywood’s power couples break up.

The blatantly obvious

Since the viewing of Janet Jackson’s breast during last year’s Super Bowl, numerous studies have been released revealing the amount of “sleaze” on television. The Parents Television Council recently released that 3,056 flashes of nudity and 2,881 references to sex can be found on the MTV Network. One point: that isn’t a recent thing.

Puff the Magic Dragon

In December of 2000 a handmade Larrivee guitar owned by Peter Yarrow disappeared on a flight from Washington to Fort Lauderdale. Recently the six-string guitar appeared on auction on eBay in the Sunny Isles area of Miami. Due to involvement of the FBI (yes, the FBI), Yarrow now has his guitar back.