Elsewhere – Auburn U. dean vows to shave head for voter turnout

(U-WIRE) AUBURN, Ala.-In an attempt to persuade students to vote in Auburn University’s Student Government Association elections Feb. 9, Dean of Students Kent Smith said he will shave his head if 7,200 students turn out for the elections.

Smith said in the last election 6,400 students voted. His goal is to raise the number 12 percent.

“I’m trying to find ways to motivate students to be part of the political process,” Smith said.

Students need to vote because the people who are going to be elected will be deciding things that are important on campus and elsewhere, Smith said.

“I really think we can do it. Getting 800 more students to vote, I don’t think it’s unrealistic,” Smith said. “Our goal is ultimately 10,000. If Auburn is going to be the special place it is, students need to get involved in the process.”

The date and time for Smith’s shaving has not been determined yet, but he will do away with his hair if enough students vote.

“I’ve never had a shaved head, and I’m not sure how interested I am in that. However, if the students come through, I’ll do it,” he said.

Smith said he had not decided who would wield the razor.

“If people want to walk by while I’m on the concourse and take different shots at shaving my head, I’ll let them do it,” Smith said.