Lights, camera, Krystal action

Never before have two-and-a-half inches of meat created such a stir. To all fast food fiends and commercial icon wannabes, if you missed the Krystal promotion in the University Center this past Friday, you missed the casting call of a lifetime.

That is because this wasn’t your typical commercial shoot. This casting call was reserved for the true lovers of Krystal fast food and those willing to try their first Krystal burger in front of a camera. There were no phonies allowed at this taping of unscripted and uninhibited customer testimonials.

For those of you not familiar with the Krystal Company, take a gander at these awesome facts. Krystal fast-food outlets have been in operation throughout the Southeast since 1932. Its most notorious product is a square burger with steamed-in onion flavor. The meat, lodged between two chewy golden buns, measures no more than 2.5 inches in size. Their diminutive proportions can’t mask an enormity of great taste that has earned Krystal Burgers a reputation for being consumed by the “Sackful.” As this author can attest, nobody can eat just one. In fact, I ate my first two Krystals on the set.

A revolutionary piece of technology, the “Varnson Prompter” was used in filming the Krystal commercials. This two-way video prompter that doubles as a camera allowed for volunteers to converse with a Krystal representative as if he were stationed inside the camera itself. In reality, a transparent video screen broadcast the interviewer from a remote location while the camera filmed volunteers through the other side. Although they were staring directly into a rolling camera, Krystal fans seemed to be chatting with a “man-in-the-box.” The relaxed format made for some hilarious and impromptu banter that brought out the true Krystal lover in all who partook.

If you are wondering where you can grab yourself a sackful-a 12-pack of burgers that is-the nearest Krystal is on Sunrise Blvd. in Ft Lauderdale. Watch for the commercials filmed here in South Florida to begin airing in March. For more information visit

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