Rockin’ the Oscars

Chris Rock is going to host the Feb. 27 Oscars, and he says he’s not worried about getting bleeped on worldwide television. According to Rock, he doesn’t think anyone is nervous about his part as host. Now we’ll just have to watch and listen for bleeps.

More movies

The Miami International Film Festival starts this weekend and with the festival are more than 40 films available for viewing. For more information check the website at www.miamifilmfestival.com or read Shawn Wines’ festival overview and feature on Daniel Day Lewis in the next issue of the Hurricane.

It never ends…

Michael Jackson can never seem to escape the charges of child molestation. This time around the judge has finally announced that the case can proceed as he has finally found enough potential jurors. Is anyone else tired of this yet?


Tuesday was Hollywood’s 118th birthday-happy belated birthday!