Not so alternative

Rolling Stone magazine, after rejecting an ad for a new translation for the Bible, has reversed its decision and has apparently sent Zondervan a contract for a half-page ad in the Feb. 24 issue. So much for being alternative.


The Food Network has finally brought the late night up a couple hours. The infamous Iron Chef finally has an American version, complete with American commentators and American Iron Chefs. The show airs at 9 p.m. EST Sundays and iron chefs include Food Network regular Bobby Flay, Mario Batali and Masaharu Morimoto.


Despite the ever-present snow up North, the much-looked-forward-to Fashion Week starts on Friday in New York City. The trendiest of designers are set to debut some of their hottest fashions for, you guessed it, their spring and summer 2005 collections. How ironic-how many inches of snow do they have now?


So first there’s the ridiculous story of the man who tried to commit suicide, then there’s Arnold as governor (it continues to baffle us). Who really knows what’s going on in good ol’ Cali? The lastest: On eBay, an auctioneer has posted that for the low price of $150,000, said auctioneer will buy a gas-chugging Hummer, plaster it with the buyers’ logo, have it pimped and drive through all of the L.A. hot spots. Who even thinks of that?