RE: “Luxurious parties vs. end to world hunger,” 1/25

I am writing in response to the editorial in the Tuesday, Jan. 25 issue of The Hurricane. The entire article is disgusting. What use is it to anyone to read about how Trump or the Bushes could have done something else with the money that was spent on their wedding/inauguration? You could have given us information on how to help world hunger, or even done something about it yourself, yet you chose to do nothing but tear down what other people built for themselves. Donald Trump didn’t ask you, or any of those millions of starving children, for advice on how to make one cent of his fortune. What in the world makes you think that your opinion on what he should do with it now is anything but an exercise in futility?

Selfishness and greed are what keep people from being stuck in the situation they are in and in the end make you write that editorial. Without any action behind that expression of perceived self-worth, everyone would be left on the side asking for a handout. Both Bush and Trump believed they deserved what they got and made sure they got it in the end. If you believe providing for oneself is less noble than providing for others, that is your own choice-and no doubt a common one. What it definitely will never be less noble than is what you only seem capable of, and that is destroying others out of envy.

Why don’t you do a charity drive, or donate, or give free advertisement space for tsunami aid relief or any of the many world hunger-combating agencies? Wouldn’t that be actually productive? What benefit to anyone, outside of fueling spite, does criticizing the way people choose to spend their own possessions? Obviously there are people everywhere that can be judged as depraved in all walks of life, but please stop wasting energy pointing fingers and do something about what you see wrong in the world

Michael Lorenzo