The Statue

Oscar Nominations came out Tuesday and both Kinsey and Sideways got nods. Question is: Do we think busy boy Jamie Foxx will come out with a statue?


A new club is opening its doors and this time, it’s to people not just of legal drinking age. Miami’s new club River opening up next to riverside restaurant Big Fish will cater to everyone ages 18 and up, promising a good vibe and good music.

Twin to downtown electro resident CLUB SPACE, CLUB Spin will open during the Winter Music Conference in what was once the Liquid Lounge.


For those of you who left the cold to flock to the warm sands and tropical beaches of Miami, be glad you’re not in a blizzard. Yet, tell any friends to stop by NYC’s Basta Pasta in Chelsea. Chef Toshi Suzuki has built an authentic igloo with seating for four, if anyone dares to brave the weather.


American Apparel has finally expanded. Check out their new stores in Miami Beach for some classic tees, undies and polo shirts at reasonable prices. By the way, it’s neutral territory; they have great stuff for both guys and girls.

840 Ocean Dr. or 720 Lincoln Road www.americanapparel.net