(U-WIRE) NEW YORK – The fear of stolen laundry, the agony of lugging a huge basket around, and the irritation of constantly checking for free machines will shortly be things of the past-now Columbia University Housing just needs to solve the problem of lost socks.

In March, a new laundry notification program will be installed in all Columbia residence halls. The digital system allows students to find crucial information online, like whether there are any open washers or dryers.

According to Herman Matte, director of Columbia Housing, the purpose of the system is to make life a little easier for students-by relieving some of their static cling.

The new system has two main components: one helps students locate empty machines, while the other lets students receive reports about malfunctioning ones. On the website, charts indicate which machines are taken and how many minutes are left on each occupied machine. Upon request, the system can also provide students with e-mails to alert them of available machines or ready laundry.

Reports about machine failures will be checked regularly by Columbia Housing, and Matte believes that will speed up repairs.

Laundry-beleaguered students rejoiced at the news.

“I hate it when people take the wet clothes out and put it on top of the washer because you’re two minutes late and it gets moldy,” Walter Rahmey said.

“I just don’t want someone touching my underwear,” Rahmey said.