Tired of never seeing any actual music videos on MTV? Sick of hearing the same, over-played annoying pop songs again and again? Try A3-Alternative TV, “America’s first dance and progressive lifestyle channel.” It’s basically MTV-South Beach-style (and without all the crappy, yet blissfully addictive, reality shows). In fact, A3 doesn’t just have the style of South Beach-it’s about South Beach. A3 features programs on the hottest new DJs and world-famous dance music artists, music videos never before seen in the United States, as well as the best clubs on the South Beach scene.

A3 has dubbed itself “NightlifeTV” not just for the programs it features; but also for one fundamental element of the channel-it only airs at night. All night that is-from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. on channel 8. It also airs free from the annoying infomercials on practically all other stations and essentially free from commercials altogether. The only advertising you’ll see here is promotions for South Beach clubs, hotels and magazines centered on this same subject matter.

This far-from-ordinary channel was created by Justin “Buster” Altshuler, a rather un-orthodox guy himself. Buster gets his nickname from his time spent on the competitive jet-skiing circuit. Living his college years in the clubs of Boston, he became regionally famous for the freestyle dance he created and taught, even being named one of Boston Magazine’s “Fifty Most Stylish People.” Buster brought his knowledge of nightlife with him to the Miami area, and along with executive producer David Mardini, created A3 to spotlight Miami’s unique “after-hours” life.

The channel is certainly something only to be found in Miami and is perfect for the plethora of young, hot bodies residing in the area. A3’s show Wildlife is definitely informative in terms of bringing the masses (the channel reaches over one million viewers) into openings, parties and events they weren’t cool enough to be invited to. The music videos are certainly not that which would be found on MTV. The songs lean towards techno in genre, and feature very trance-y, club-y beats. The videos themselves give the feeling of mini-movies for those of an altered state of mind. It seems as though A3 would be the perfect channel to leave on in the background of a successful party. Think of it this way: not able to go to Bed or Joia tonight? Then let the SoBe clubs come to you.

Dani McNally can be contacted at d.mcnally@umiami.edu.