Cereal made available for every meal

Miami just received another first, a cereal version of Coldstones. The Cereal Bowl, located on U.S. 1 right before Sunset Plaza is the creation of Kenneth Rader, Mike Glassman and Joshua Rader, a former University of Miami student.

“None of my friends or I cooked (in college); it always snowed in and we couldn’t go out. We would sit around the dorms and eat cereal for every meal,” founder and president Rader said when asked about the idea for The Cereal Bowl.

The Cereal Bowl is open seven days a week, from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays and 8 a.m. to midnight on weekends. Here, hungry guests will not only be able to choose from the 35 different hot or cold cereals available, but more than 50 toppings including fruit, nuts and candies.

The standard bowl includes up to two different cereals and two toppings, with seven different of types of milk to drown it in. Confused on what to order? There are even pre-designed cereal concoctions to choose from to help make it easier. With prices costing between $3 to $4, cereal is sure to be the popular choice.

“There aren’t many quick service healthy breakfast places out there. We offer a different and healthier option, but you can make your cereal as unhealthy or healthy as you like it,” Rader said.

With Miami being its first, The Cereal Bowl team is ready to embrace and feed the students of the University of Miami and hopes to expand to University of Florida students in Gainesville later this year.

Besides being just a cereal jamboree, The Cereal Bowl offers cereal bars, oatmeal smoothies, coffee, cakes and pre-packaged Beverly Hills Caf