Dear V,

    I spent last semester studying abroad in England and fell in love with London. I love everything about the city and am incredibly sad that I had to depart. I’m now back in America, a place I have grown to dislike. I feel as if I left my heart in London, and I will not be happy here in the U.S.A. Do I pack up my bags and say adios to America to join my British counterparts, or do I stay here and try to cope with a country that I feel is going down the toilet?

    – Almost an Expat.

    Dear Expat,

    I can definitely sympathize with your temporary misgivings about the Yankee nation, and clearly a lot of “blue” Americans who voted in the last election can too. But, let’s look at the reality of your situation, shall we? In order for you to pack up your bags and your American flags for the Union Jack, the question of your legal status in Britain definitely becomes an issue-visas, visas, visas! Furthermore, assuming that you are a student and would continue to be a sage in training in the U.K., you couldn’t ignore the issue of trying to get into a school over there, lest trying to transfer credits. Oy vey! You would have a lot of research to do kiddo, to say the very least. What is it exactly that makes you so unhappy about living in this country? If your problem is in your realm of feasibility to change, then by all means, please change it before you decide to permanently change your homeland.

    So, let’s say that you find yourself brutally unhappy at the end of the semester, despite your attempts to change your state of mind, and completely devoid of American Pie, I think that you just might owe it to yourself to explore the possibility of spending more time overseas. In the meantime, give it a shot here in the ol’ U.S. of A before you do anything drastic because maybe you’ll be able to readapt to your old ways.

    Best of Luck,


    Dear V,

    I thought that my living situation was golden last semester. I lived with a bunch of girls that I really got along with and admired. However, over Christmas break, one of my roommates decided to move out without consulting the rest of the house and got a stranger to take her place. The way in which we moved out was done in a completely underhanded way. I think that she thinks that we’re morons! Even worse, we’re missing money from our account! Basically, she’s being a giant shade ball. She wants to be friends, but I still can’t comprehend that she would have moved out on a whim without even so much as a telephone call. What is the best way to go about all of this?

    Good Riddance

    Dear Reader,

    It sounds as if you’ve found yourself in yet another unnecessary mess. Don’t you love the way that life pans out? In my opinion, your former roommate sounds extremely deceptive. Good Riddance is right! Just think about all of the things that she’s done to you-moved out without telling anyone, stole money. I’m completely sure that the list doesn’t end there. Come on now, as ideal as it would be to forget about your past history with her, would you really want to surround yourself with a person of such incredibly low caliber? Probably not.

    I think that the best way to gently creep around this mess is to be straightforward with your ex-roomie. Flat out explain to her that you don’t appreciate what she did, and that you really have no interest in trying to rekindle a friendship with her. Furthermore, get your cash back! The less you have to deal with this person, the better.

    Good Luck!


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