Addicting is the perfect word to describe the new EP from Esthero. Almost six years from her album Breath From Another, Esthero continues to transcend all classifications with her latest work. Moving to Reprise Records and rediscovering the essentials to the elemental existence of her music and her life, Esthero has emerged with a five-track beauty.

Embarking on a journey the EP is just a taste of what is to come in Esthero’s fully released album to come in March 2005. Titled We R in need of a musical ReVoLuTIon!, the EP takes listeners on a soulful, sensual, body-moving experience. Esthero’s soothing voice combined with drumbeats and sometimes kitchsy-type elevator music exudes passion and true artistry.

Starting with lyrics that proclaim her opinions about the music world today, Esthero’s lyrics are not be overlooked. Kooky, erotic, confident and sometimes a little cocky, Esthero’s lyrical and musical combinations are intriguing works of art in their own. One can only wait for the full release of her album to come soon.

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